Finding the Right Juice to Vape

The number of people who want to stop smoking is on the rise. As a result E-cigarettes are becoming very popular. E-cigarettes give a user the feel of smoking a cigarette without the toxic chemicals caused from tobacco.

Some of the top 5 e-juice flavors will be discussed in this article. There are many creative flavors to choose from. The biggest problem you may encounter is how to narrow down your selection.

Some of the popular e-juice flavors are traditional, tried and true. These flavors include: chocolate, cinnamon, cherry, caramel and vanilla.

Yet, some people consider themselves to be e-juice connoisseurs. They like to add a little spice in their e-cigarettes. Following are some of the top creative flavors that are definitely unique.

First, try Hawk sauce. The flavor you will experience with this e-juice is a fruity flavor. It can best be described as a combination of berries, grape and a hint of menthol. This blend gives the e-juice a refreshing flavor. Hawk sauce is a top seller because of the thrilling complexity of flavor. Users describe Hawk Sauce as a designer flavor.

Second, Gambit is another an e-juice that is considered a designer flavor as well. It is a hand-crafted variety that has to be made in small batches in order to obtain the rich flavor it is known for. The flavor is similar to eating apple pie layered with caramel and topped by homemade vanilla ice cream. This rich, creamy, sweet combination makes it a popular choice with e-cigarette users.

Third, Unicorn Blood is an e-juice that catches your attention. Not only does it have a unique title, but its flavor is magical. It has a sweet, fruity taste that is often compared to eating a handful of Skittles.

Fourth, Thug Juice is a killer e-juice that is described as a party in your mouth. It has a combination of grape, watermelon, sugar and a trace of menthol. It has a cool flavor that is like a refreshing dive in a pool on a hot summer day.

Fifth, Tiki Juice has a reputation for being an adventurous flavor. Its complex blend includes a tropical undertone, with a hint of spice and a menthol kick. This e-juice is definitely one every e-cigarette user should try.

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